P2PB2B signs a deal with CryptoAds Marketplace
May 02, 2019

CryptoAds Marketplace continues its way in a B2B setting. The next contract is signed with P2PB2B, and it is based on the traffic attr ...

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U-Crypto becomes a customer of CryptoAds Marketplace
April 30, 2019

CryptoAds Marketplace starts signing its first customers shortly after the platform launch. The first contract on a list is with U-Cry ...

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CryptoAds Marketplace launches its IEO at P2PB2B exchange platform
April 29, 2019

On 1st of May, CryptoAds Marketplace launches its Initial Exchange Offering at P2PB2B exchange platform. In terms of the first round, ...

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CPE model: user involvement in mobile retargeting
April 28, 2019

The new model of mobile advertising is a CPE (cost-per-engagement) campaign, where the cost depends on the number of active users attr ...

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The main advantages and benefits of playable ads
April 27, 2019

Almost any user action is recorded on the web, so you can easily and quickly evaluate the effectiveness of your advertising campaign. ...

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What is the secret of Playable Ads success?
April 26, 2019

In 2013, global insanity on ad blocking began. As a result, mobile advertising has gradually shifted toward formatting and approaches ...

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